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Warwick Hall International CCI*

New for 2023 and a step up for our BE100 competitors is an opportunity to compete withinn international rules at a more technically challenging level upto a max XC height of 1.05m.  Warwick hall provides a super venue by offering sandy going, parkland terrain, very easy accessibility, seclusion, and big, bold, inviting tracks.

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So what is a CCI1* One Star?

Qualifications to enter.

To be achieved as a rider & horse combination OR separately: to have completed jumping clear XC with no more than 30 time penalties, less than 45 dressage, and less than 16 SJ penalties at 3 x BE100 (or BE100 Plus or BE105).


The Cross Country Test.
The aim is to introduce Horses and Athletes to a wide
variety of fences and simple
questions recognising that this is the entry level of international competitions.  There will probably be a wide variety in the age group of the Horses competing and a wide range of Athlete ability. The emphasis is very much on education of Horse and Athlete so there will be s
imple combinations, turning and accuracy and line questions, corners, ditches, etc. 

The "intensity of effort" is low and regular "let up" fences are provided.  The Course Designer will make sure the direct route is always appropriate. If an alternative is needed where the direct route is perhaps too difficult, alternatives should however be the absolute exception at 1* Level - except for 'skinny' fences or where it is difficult to re-present the Horse at the fence.  If the majority of the Horses jump around at this level, "clear and inside the time" this would be a SUCCESS.

It is important to remember that this level also needs to prepare Horses for 2* competitions. The course should be inviting, flowing, well balanced and make use of the natural terrain as much as possible. The use of the terrain and positioning of obstacles should require competitors to think a little bit about the judgement of speed and approach.

XC Design and Construction
The variety of fence design and materials used in construction plays a significant part in
educating horses and athletes. Courses should have a good balance of fences and the first few fences should encourage horses to jump confidently and in a rhythm and reflect the task ahead. Straight forward fences should be up to maximum dimensions and where
design is not an issue, these should be as wide and inviting as possible. A number of fences with top spread should be encouraged. Fences that restore confidence should be used after combinations or more difficut questions.
Narrow Fences
At 1* level it is fair to ask the horse and rider some simple test of accuracy and honesty,
but still allow for the less experienced members of the partnership. The minimum jumpable
width should be 190-200cm wide. There should be a maximum of 4 "minimum
jumpable width" fences. These can be made more inviting with the use of trees and
dressing to create an impression of width.
Core Cross Country Elements for 1*
It is envisaged that each course should have a minimum of 5 core fences from the list as
follows.  Each course must have a water fence and so this is not included in the list of
core fences. It is important that courses at this level should have at least two maximum, or
near maximum, top spread fences.  There should be a minimum of 4 combinations/series of related fences.

Core Fence types:

  • Max spread fences

  • Brush fences

  • Drop fences

  • Sunken road

  • Trakehner and/or open ditch (ditch with

  • brush or palisade behind)

  • Rail/ Ditch/Rail combination

  • Corner/narrow - no more than 4 at this level

  • Bank (step up and/or down)

  • Open Oxer

  • Keyhole Fences

What new information you may need to know: FEI Rules & Regulations

There are some differences between FEI and BE rules … e.g. whips may not be carried into the area around the dressage arena; neck straps are not permitted for dressage in your test (can be worn in warm-up) but permitted Show Jumping & XC if securely attached to saddle or breastplate; nose nets are permitted in the dressage warm-up but not during the competition.

It is important that you check those that apply to you and your horse. If in doubt, you can always check with any of the FEI team at the event. View FEI Rule Book

IT IS ESSENTIAL FOR ALL FEI COMPETITORS TO HAVE DOWNLOADED THE FEI HORSE APP to facilitate registration, horse health record keeping and traceability.

CCI1*-Intro Competition Format

The CCI1*-Intro at Warwick Hall will run over two days on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th June

Stabling on site is not available or compulsory for CCI1*-Intro. Stabling can be booked with a local provider

On arrival to the venue CCI1* - Intro competitors will be directed to a parking area where a VET EXAMINATION of competing horses will take place. Therefore please allow time for this inspection.

You must bring your bridle numbers for wearing in the dressage phase (FEI classes uses bridle numbers for dressage; bib numbers for the jumping rounds) and collect your Sponsor branded SJ/XC bib numbers from the Secretary on arrival. The Bridle number must be on your horse at all times even when out grazing.

For the CCI1* Intro class, times will be issued for all three phases in the same manner as for International classes. FEI classes run strictly in timetabled order; any adjustment has to be approved by the president of the ground jury, so you must be ready at the appointed time.

If you are competing on multiple horses during the event, it is essential that the FEI is prioritised over any late running national classes. If there is any concern, please contact the Official Scorer.


The Dressage Phase

The CCI1* dressage arena is located in the AW Jenkinson Arena.

There is an Owners area adjacent to the arena where you and your connections can watch the action. 

Riders should wear hunting dress or uniform of a riding club; a tail coat or jacket approved by the Athlete’s NF (contrast colouring and pipping is allowed); white shirt and tie; gloves; white, fawn or cream breeches; long riding boots (or short boots with matching full-grain smooth leather chaps); protective headgear. At lower-level events, civilians may also wear a tweed jacket with fawn or beige breeches and black or brown boots.

The dressage warm-up is located adjacent to the Arena 

There is no horse inspection trot-up at Warwick Hall for the CCI1*-Intro competition; the FEI Veterinary Delegate observes the dressage warm-up instead.

Don’t forget to remove boots and bandages and remember that a whip, if carried, cannot be carried in the area around the competition arena… you’ll have to drop it before leaving the warm-up area.

The dressage test will be the CCI* (2022) and will run in a 60m x 40m arena with two judges. All trot work may be executed (sitting or rising) unless the term rising is specified.

Once your test is completed the FEI Steward will ask to check your horse’s tack.

The Jumping Phases

The show jumping and cross-country phases runs in the same way as for national classes. Strict numerical/timed order will again be observed for both phases. The show jumping will be in the Main Arena on Saturday. Cross country will also be held on Saturday.


Show Jumping

  • distance (m): approx 550 m

  • Speed (m/min): 350 m/min

  • number of efforts: 12

  • Number of obstacles: 10

Cross Country:

  • Length (m): approx 3100 m

  • Speed (m/min): 500 m/min

  • Number of efforts: 25


Before your round in each phase, the FEI Steward will be checking your horse’s tack as you warm up and their condition. In the show jumping warm up area any boot adjustment/alteration or putting on/changing boots must be done in front of the FEI Steward. Boots may be checked by the FEI Steward after your round. Please check carefully what boots are permitted under FEI Rules.


Prize Giving

Successful riders are requested to attend the prize giving in person and properly attired as a mark of appreciation and respect to the Landowner and event sponsors. This usually happens about an hour after the last CCI1*-Intro horse has completed their XC round, it will likely be a mounted prize giving for the top 3 and dismounted for the top 10, in the front of Warwick Hall, in the garden.

FEI Horse and Rider Registrations

The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) require all horses and riders to have an annual registration before they can compete at any international level. Registrations are valid from January to December and cost £48 per horse and £60 per Adult rider (Free for U18 riders).


You will be given an FEI number which needs to be entered on your entry forms. Application forms can be downloaded on this page and need to be sent in to the BE office on For FEI renewals please contact 02476 698856.

Please note that FEI registrations and renewals can take up to 10 days to process in busy periods, however there is a fast-track option available at an extra fee of £20.

All horses applying for an FEI registration for the first time must be microchipped.



Annex 2, 2.4 – All horses competing under FEI Rules are required to be vaccinated in accordance with FEI Veterinary Regulations and Eventing Rules. For the 2022 season, British Eventing and FEI rules for equine influenza vaccinations are aligned. The horse’s most recent booster of a valid course must have been given within six months and 21 days prior to the competition; and cannot have been given in the 7 days prior to the competition.

You will need to make sure that your vaccination record in your horse’s passport is up to date and complete, showing the full history including the primary course and all boosters – passports will be checked.


Entries for Warwick Hall CCI1*-Intro and payments can be made online at Entries from foreign riders, whether UK based or not, need to be made via your national federation.

In addition to your entry fee and start fee, there is also a compulsory levy by the FEI for the Worldwide Equine & Human Anti-Doping Programme.


Stabling Providers within striking distance of Cumbria Horse Trials Competitions


Please contact the Stabling Providers Direct


Nearer Carlisle



  • Ann Lawson, Heads Nook, Brampton CA8 9AF, 10 stables, (7.5 mx vehicle size), self-contained flat & B&B also available. Tel: 07778781061, email:


  • Helena Auld, Rosedene Stables, 1 mile off junction 44 M6, Carlisle. 2 Stables, Facilities on site, walker, all weather outdoor floodlit arena with show jumps, solarium, wash bay, surfaces turnout areas.  Hook up available, Tel: 07889220403, Email:


  • Dianne Hutchinson, 5 mins from Warwick Hall, 30 mins from Frenchfield.  2 stables, rubber matting & automatic drinks, 20 x 40 arena with jumps & floodlights. Electric hook-ups available. Cottage available min. of 2 nights. Tel: 07714477024, Email:



Nearer Penrith

  • Sally Bennet, Sebergham CA5 7HP, 4 Stables. Turnout available on request, use of outdoor arena and B&B with evening meal for riders/grooms. Tel: 016974 76152 Email:


  • Emma Greenland, Ivy House Stables, Skelton, Penrith, CA11 9UB, 15 stables.          Tel: 01768 484821 or 07887875628, Email:


  • Lulie Hothfield, Drybeck Hall, Appleby, CA16 6TF.  2 Stables. B&B available with evening meal on request, An EV charging point. Tel: 017683 51487, Email:

  • Newton Rigg, Penrith, CA11 0AH. A number of stables, Overnight hook up available, toilets & showers on site. 24/7 CCTV & manned site security.  Debbie Wicks: Tel: 07730 420 155, Email:

If you are uncertain whether you/your horse are qualified for the level that you wish to enter, please contact the Sport Team on 02476 698 860 or to check your qualifications.

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