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Packed programme of Cumbria Events for 2023

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

In January we are launching a podcast called Eventing Talks hosted by Caz Mosley from Orange Fox Eventing. Caz will be putting various experts, amatuers, and some unuasual guests on the spot to entertain us all.

We are delighted to once again be hosting an Annual Awards Evening in mid February. In mid April there will be opportunity to XC school at Frenchfield and at the same time we'll run a HOW TO EVENT for newcomers covering BE MEMBERSHIPS, CLASSES, RULES, ENTERING and ETIQUET.

BIG NEWS: We have secured an International CIC 1* class at Warwick Hall in mid June and have brought back the BE80 & BE105 classes to Frenchfield.

21/22 May - Frenchfield 1 (80/90/100/105/Novice inc GoBE)

16-18 June - Warwick Hall International (80/90/100/CIC*/N inc GoBE)

22/23 July - Warwick Hall 2 (80/90/100/N inc GoBE & PC Area Trials 2 & 19)

9/10 Sept - Frenchfield 2 (80/90/100/105/Novice inc GoBE)

Sign UP & Enter to earn new LOYALTY POINTS - for every £1 spent 1 point is issued and new members to the website get 25 points. Every time you reach 75 points you secure a 10% discount of your next purchase. There is also a number of Pricing Plans for the Winter Arena Eventing, Schooling and an opportunity to gain some heavily discounted sessions if you make a donation to the British Eventing Support Trust.

As the season unfolds we are aiming to launch various fun Fundraiser Events benefitting local and national charities including the BE Support Trust.

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