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Heading into this weekend's Round 4 Maiden Marine Blackdyke Indoor Arena Eventing the leaderboard standings show Susie Chappelhow-Lacey riding Millie's Cove out in front. Susie is entered but who can catch her? Entries remain open until Thursday morning...

Heading into Round 4 - Leaderboard standings.

Susie Chappelhow-Lacey Millie's Cove 17

Deborah Hogg on Rookins Ruby 14

Anna Tisley on Spice 14

Tara Kane on Annaveigh Vahey 13

Zabrina Thomson on CLH Sugar Ray 13

Claire McNay on Skipper 13

Callie Nichol on Darco's Irish Cream 12

Samantha Williamson on T Max 11

Emily Graham on Bessie VI 9

Zoe Rossi on Corha's Dancer9

Tara Kane on Lizzie 9

Kate Bartle BarnesPumpkin 9

Emma Robinson on Vice Marshal 9

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