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Merry Christmas from the Weymouth family

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Another year over and we trust you've all enjoyed the dry spring, scorching summer, wet autumn and now freezing winter! For us in sunny Cumbria, life pretty much took on an enjoyable pattern of monthly horse trials. The young were much busier than their parents by all accounts; this summer Morgan passed out Sandhurst to join The Signals, Francesca was accepted into the Dental Corps from 2026, Brodie elected President JCR St Edmund Hall, Oxford and Alexa signed herself up for a year post A levels to live in Senegal with Project Trust, so by autumn next year there will be no off spring based at home. What will we do! Lucinda has taken to having riding lessons on Dazzle which are progressing greatly and after an interregnum of well over 35 years Douglas enjoyed a first lesson on twinkle toes Oscar. It was a indeed a feat of endurance from all the Sandhurst cadets marching around the parade ground in mid August in 32 degrees and mercifully only a few succumbed to the heat. There was a win for Oscar and Francesca on home territory taking his tally to 529 British Eventing foundation points and now aged 20 he's been recruited into the Army Equestrian Team for more training and competing! That is if Francesca can find time between marathons and climbing trips. At Oxford, Brodie is helping to make ‘power lifting’ popular by lifting some extraordinary weights. Alexa’s trip to Cannes, Nice and Brittany in July and August proved very educational and her moped days have given way to driving, so our parental taxi service has pretty much closed down. When at home they all continue to be roped into chores especially for the events and we thank them for this. In wider family circles, Andy remains on active duty for all events with Onyx in tow of course, Margaret & Dot (combined age now 180) likewise continue to run PV Catering to supply our volunteers with sustenance on event weekends and Sarah has moved again, via a trip to Antartica, to live next door to M&D.

Wishing you a happy Christmas and healthy new year.

Douglas, Lucinda, Morgan, Francesca, Brodie & Alexa.

and Oscar, Dazzle, Archie, Puffin, George & Imba.

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