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reaching out for volunteers for the season ahead

it's true, runnning a horse trials needs over 125 volunteers and contractor to make an affiliated events happen which is about 1 for every 3 competitors attending. this takes some doing every 4 weeks through the summer... if you can help or know someone keen to be involved then let us know

70 jump judges over two days

22 dressage stewards and writers

8 xc starter and collecting ring stewards

6 car and lorry parking stewards

4 catering and tea run providers

2 xc scorers

3 dressage scorers

2 show jumping scorers

1 cross contry stewards

2 controllers

4 commentators and plotters

2 provisional scorers

1 health & safety expert

1 cross country designer

2 cross country builders

2 BE officials

1 BE scorer

1 PA technician

1 Eventing Scores technician

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