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Early Bird entrants in the new year may use code NY23AER3 to secure a 15% discount between 1st -15th Jan for our Round 3 Blackdyke Arena Eventing and we're absorbing the booking fees too. This is for Site Members on our new website Get entering straight after all the celebrations and give yoursleves something to look forward to. Current Top leaders in the series are...

After 2 out of 5 Rounds -30th Oct & 27th Nov

Deborah Hogg Rookins Ruby 14

Zabrina Thomson CLH Sugar Ray 13 Callie Nichol Darco's Irish Cream 12 Samantha Williamson T Max 11 Tara Kane Lizzie 9 Susie Chappelow-Lacey Millie's Cove 9 Edie Morgan Comical Con 8 Zoe Rossi Corha's Dancer 8 Pip Brandon Dark Secret 8 Melissa Cairns Gwernfythan Flash 8 Abbie Tinning Molly Moo 8 Andrew Hewitt Rocky 8 Anna Tisley Spice 8 Katie Chapman The Gypsy King 8 Emma Robinson Vice Marshal 8

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