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Warwick Hall (2) Day 2, Refund of Start Fees

For those concerned about Saturday evening’s collective decision to abandon the second day of competition at Warwick Hall (2) horse trials, please be assured the persistent rain experienced by many regions across the country continued overnight on Saturday in Cumbria and throughout Sunday which became very heavy over prolonged periods resulting in 25mm of rainfall. That timely decision was made in good faith and has proved entirely appropriate for the fixture and will have minimised greatly the inconvenience, disappointment and cost to huge numbers of competitors, volunteers and contractors. The decision to abandon an event is never taken lightly and is always considered by highly experienced people placing safety at the forefront of our inherently risk sport. When entering and competing we must all accept the inevitability of the weather and the responsibility it places on event organisers to take decisions based on the facts in front of them. It has always been Cumbria Horse Trials wish to see the centrally provided blanket abandonment insurance scheme returned as being the most practical and fair way to compensate entrants. This year's eventing season has been wet, then extremely dry and now wet again. Kindly accept the organisers of Warwick Hall (2) had fully prepared the event, fully resourced it and never wish any event to be abandoned. We will ensure, in conjunction with British Eventing, the processing of the return of Start Fees as per our schedule terms and according to BE Rule 4.11.

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