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Which are the 3 best fences to test your riding?

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Is it old fashoned ‘coffins’ or banks or trakheners or skinnies or corners or offset combinations - we're asking YOU the experts to name YOUR FAVOURITES and YOUR MOST FEARED and those YOU THINK CATCH OUT MOST RIDERS.

Question 1 - your favourites?

What is your favourite fence?

  • Brush Oxer

  • Ski Jump

  • Water complex

  • Steps

Question 2 - your most feared?

Which fence do you fear the most?

  • Trakehner

  • Bounce

  • Water Complex

  • Arrowhead Skinny

Question 3 - which fence do YOU think catches out the most riders

Which catches the most riders?

  • Corners

  • Trakehners

  • Water Jumps

  • Ditch combinations

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