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Note on the loss of Warwick Hall from the BE fixtures list

Sadly after ten years and 26 British Eventing fixtures we will no longer be running Warwick Hall. Entries at this lovely venue have unfortunately halved in recent years from 6 to just 3 days of affiliated competition, We are finding there are simply too many events in the region chasing too few entries whether affiliated or unaffiliated, and with various FEI international fixtures often packed with BE national classes running over additional days, Warwick Hall can no longer attract adeqaute entries to be viable.  We've also found later entering, greater withdrawals, additional set up costs and fee levies are making it too risky for this event to be sustainable, and of course this is making it increasingly expensive to enter. Working within a capped affiliated pricing system similarly restricts are ability to reflect the costs associated with a green field site such a Warwick Hall. It is also becoming difficult to secure volunteers in our sparsely populated County, nevertheless Cumbria will be represented by Frenchfield in both mid May and mid September in 2024.  We look forward to seeing everyone next year. In the meantime a very Happy Christmas.

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Is there any chance of running unaffiliated competitions at Warrick again? It seems a crying shame to not use such a great venue. There are so many of out there that want to compete but just cannot afford affiliated prices or don't have horses ready for affiliated competitions.


Caroline Mosley
Caroline Mosley
Dec 22, 2023

gutted for you. the CHT team do an amazing job. i will see you in 2024. xx

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