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Eventer Derby OFF, XC schooling ON Sat 29th July at Warwick Hall.

Given the lateness of entering and the general uncertainty of likely numbers attending this event, we've decided no longer to run the Eventer Derby competition scheduled for Sat 29th June and will instead open Warwick Hall for xc schooling. There will be 80,90,100cm and Novice fences available including the lovely water jump. It is no longer viable, let alone sustainable, to take the risk of running unaffiliated events in the current climate and doubly so given current entry behaviour patterns let alone to secure the good will of so many volunteers needed to ensure such events run properly. When we first started these fun events we'd have secured nearly 100 entries by a month before the competition date - we have 3 entered so far. Saddened though we are, we cannot wear what we consider endemic late entering at this level of competition.

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